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Good Morning Football gives vote of confidence to the 49ers

Kyle Brandt says to not be surprised if the 49ers win the west, others say they will at least be competitive.

I’m first to admit I don’t watch much of the football analytical shows. It’s not that I think they are poorly made (many are, mind you), it’s that when they make their hot takes sometimes it seems like it’s just to get a rise out of fans just as much as it is to get them listening. Good Morning Football on NFL Network has been quite different. Sometimes they say things I agree with other times, I think it’s ridiculous, but the arguments have logic behind them for the most part and likable personalities behind them which at least garners respect.

And they always say good things about the San Francisco 49ers. That’s always a plus!

In a recent segment on an outlook for the 49ers, things went from lukewarm to optimistic. First Nate Burleson gave us a guarantee:

“You won’t see San Francisco getting blown out this year. That’s my guarantee.”

We didn’t see San Francisco getting blown out much last year. Well, that depends on who you ask and how large the margins were. The Los Angeles Rams certainly had their way with the 49ers. As did the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 49ers biggest knack was they couldn’t finish a game if their lives depended on it.

That’s neither here nor there. The big thing is what Kyle Brandt has to say:

It’s weird; year one, starter year, they competed, they didn’t really have the quarterback, and then they come tearing down the stretch—they’re hot. Year two, I keep saying is an incomplete. I can’t possibly begrudge them for losing all those games. You lose your franchise quarterback. They just lost everything.

This is the year, though. The Lynch thing; we all root for John Lynch, the Shanahan thing. This is year three, the “no excuses” year. It’s time to start winning or frankly, maybe this thing is not working out

Last year, Peter Schrager and Brandt were commenting a lot on the hype the 49ers were getting going into 2018. 2019 hasn’t been near as strong, but Brandt has sprinkled his own optimism into this with how he ended the above take:

“Every year, a team goes from last to first. Don’t be shocked if the Niners win this thing.”

I’ve been pretty vocal to say the 49ers getting a wild card spot is improvement. Winning the division seems like a bit of a pipe dream at this point, but no one can predict how an NFL season will go with injuries.

Last year, the 49ers were media darlings thanks to their strong 2017 finish, Jimmy Garoppolo, and an inspiring roster. Unfortunately, the injuries stopped all of that by Week 3. Now, the GMFB crew is giving some strong words for the Niners.

Here we go again...