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Dre Greenlaw recounts that fateful night at Sigma Chi

The 49ers rookie linebacker has been making the news with his story of saving a young girl from a possibly compromising situation. Except he hasn’t spoken on it yet.

Dre Greenlaw is already the best. The San Francisco 49ers linebacker has been making headlines all week not for his play on the field, but things he did off the field. His upbringing and background are nothing short of inspirational, but the bigger story is how he saved a girl his freshman year from what could have been a traumatic situation. The girl’s father spoke of the event on Twitter, but Greenlaw’s side never was explored. Well that was until he met the Bay Area media at 49ers minicamp.

In an interview on Friday, it came up promptly and Greenlaw recalled his memory of the events. The following is him describing what happened at the Sigma Chi fraternity that night:

“Basically, what happened was, I had went to a Sigma Chi Party with some friends. Just kind of came in, had a big room, kinda like this, and just enjoyed myself, trying to meet everybody, I was a freshman at the time. That’s when I saw the girl, Meghan. She came to me, like “Hey, Dre.”

I had thought at first, I assumed she had been drinking. She came to me, had that, you could tell.

So I said, “hey,” back, kinda knew each other a little bit previously, not too much. She was a cheerleader, I was a football player, so obviously, she knew of me. It wasn’t like we were best friends, we never text or too much like that. She came to me and I kind of could tell something was off like I said.

And then two minutes later she was like, “I feel kind of bad, like something put something into my drink.”

When I first heard her say it, I really didn’t know what to say. We had just had a talk with Coach B about being careful at parties and being a freshman, and I had kind of already made a name for myself and I really didn’t want to get too much involved with it because I don’t want it to go nowhere. I didn’t want to put my name in a position to where I get myself in trouble.”

And then, you know a lot of times. We’re told that some girls act drunk and not really be drunk. Just didn’t want to get myself in a vulnerable position. So when she told me that I was like, I didn’t know what to think or do. Then, I saw a couple guys and one came and I saw her [ready to] leave with one of the guys. They were still on the dance floor. Kinda was thinking about it, had in the back of my head. Started letting it go. When I was looking at her, keeping out a little bit, I kinda saw she wasn’t really herself. Like I said, I knew her a little bit and she was kind of acting out in a way that wasn’t drunk, just a different type of way. I wasn’t sure at first, but saw her again.

She was like, “I need help, I think somebody but something in my drink.”

I was like “uhhhh” then I saw another guy try to come to her. I guess like talk to her and dance. I mean not all up on her, but on her a little bit. That’s when I was like I came to her, I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I remember grabbing her. I was like, “Who did you come here with?”

She was like, “I came here with a friend, Bethany. I don’t know where they are, they left me.”

So at that particular time I went from hanging with my friends and doing what I was doing to “All right, let’s go find your friends”

Probably about 20, 30 minutes. I told her to stay with me, probably went around the whole place, up, downstairs looking for her friend. Still couldn’t find her. I think I got her number from somebody and called her.

I was like, “Hey, Meghan is here and she’s not in a good state. She said somebody put something in her drink. I remember waiting the whole time, then Bethany. I said, Hey Bethany meghan is right here, something’s not right with hter.

I just know next day she [Meghan] called me and was thanking me for her and I guess she had to get her stomach pumped. Get that taken out. I guess somebody did put some roofies in her drink. That first time when she told me she needed help, it didn’t click. Then I saw that dude and how he was kind of grabbing at her, trying to get on her a little bit, that’s where I felt like I kind of needed to step in. I’m thankful it stopped when it did and I took action, because you never know what could have happened. I pray to God that nothing would have, but I felt like that was what was right at the time.

The 49ers are obviously looking for culture fits and men of high character. This certainly helps Greenlaw in that regard. A proactive player who is looking out for others is certainly a 180 from Reuben Foster’s antics and getting arrested.

If this guy yanks a starting gig in a few months, that will be a story.