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Jalen Hurd is open to play anywhere

The 49ers are going to be moving him around, but

There’s been some chatter about what the San Francisco 49ers plan to do with their third round pick, Baylor wide receiver Jalen Hurd. Hurd knows he can create mismatches and knows the 49ers love lining players up all over the field. The question is what exactly is the plan for him?

“I can do a lot,” Hurd said when speaking to the media at 49ers rookie minicamp on Friday. “That’s not really my position right now to guess and see where I’m going to play or what. So I’m just gonna go in there, work hard, and see where I end up.”

Doing a lot might be a bit of an understatement. Hurd’s football career began as a running back before transferring out of the University of Tennessee and going to Baylor whilst switching to wide receiver. Hurd has the tape to show a wide receiver with the traits of a running back.

“I put on tape,” Hurd said. “I’ve been in the slot, I can play on the outside, obviously I have a running back background, so there’s really not any limit to me on the offensive side of the ball I would say.”

The big question going into the 49ers training camp will be just what Hurd’s position is. Kyle Shanahan has indicated they can do a lot with Hurd given his background and versatility, but there’s no hard confirmation that Hurd will be spending the majority of his time in the tight end room with George Kittle and fellow rookie Kaden Smith. If set at tight end, Hurd could also be used in the vein of how NFL tight end Jimmy Graham has been used. Or the 49ers add him to what is becoming a very deep receiving corps.

And while he knows it’s not his place to dictate where he’ll play or what his plan is as a weapon for the 49ers, Hurd is open to play anywhere. He does have a preference:

“I want to play receiver.”