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Golden Nuggets: The non-GoT thread

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, May 5, 2019

In my line of work, Twitter, 49ers’ reddit, and other sources are my friends. Let’s talk Twitter. I watch it, constantly on the nights Kyle tells me to in order to see if anything crazy happened.

Then Sunday, every refresh gained meGame of Thrones tweets. Not just tweets, but probably the ultimate of spoilers. Even Harry Potter wasn’t this bad when the final book came out.

So here comes your next question: “What, El Pato? You don’t watch GoT?”

Nope. I’ve seen the first episode. I’d love to watch GoT but I’m one of those snots that has to read the books of anything before I watch the movie. It’s why I haven’t seen Lord of the Rings yet (I read the books and then was so burnt out to watch the movie). I’ve read the first GoT book and enjoyed it somewhat (though the multitude of characters was slightly overwhelming), I just haven’t gotten around to other books. And yes, I know that the show veers away from the books since George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished the series.

I have this thing about reading where I want to visualize and make my own version of the world/characters. If I watch the show first, then I get the actors running around and the director’s vision. If I watched Silence of the Lambs before I read the book, I’d just visualize Anthony Hopkins eating Lima beans and chicken.

I am familiar with the characters having read the first book, so I’m trying my best to ignore anything about it so my eventual watch of this won’t be compromised. I did this very well ignoring The Sopranos until watching it years later. But damn, this is very hard.

So while this is a non-GoT thread, I know the comments are about to blow up with GoT plotlines. Sheesh.

But why was I on Twitter? To get you guys some links, which are right here:

John Lynch confirms it’s urgency, not friction, in San Francisco (Pro Football Talk)

49ers sign undrafted Rice running back Austin Walter after tryout (Maiocco)

The 49ers asked Nick Bosa about his political tweets, but never worried about drafting him (SF Gate)

What a horrible night to have a curse.