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Week 3 will be a major test for Nick Bosa

Bosa’s first top tier quarterback opponent comes in Week 3. This will be interesting.

The San Francisco 49ers’ schedule is brutal. So brutal, it’d be appropriate to join the growing rumbles that demand the process for creating these things be changed. Regardless of the difficulty, the 49ers get some lower end quarterbacks for the first two weeks, then they get Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So why bring this up? Well, the 49ers used the second pick overall to draft Nick Bosa and someone with that type of investment will be watched closely.

Week 3 isn’t just a test for Bosa, by Bosa’s presence the game just got more interesting. In Peter King’s latest Football Morning in America column he said the game got more interesting given who’s involved:

Sunday, Sept. 22. Pittsburgh at San Francisco. Nick Bosa begins his career with two road games against average quarterbacks, Jameis Winston and Andy Dalton. Here in Week 3, he plays his first home game against tree-trunk QB Ben Roethlisberger and a premier offensive line. This game will be the first acid test for Bosa.

In Week 1, the 49ers get Jameis Winston. A quarterback who is interception-prone (now that Bruce Arians is head coach that may come to an end) and can be stunted with tons of pressure.

Week 2, the 49ers get Andy Dalton. It’s Andy Dalton. He’s the buggiest quarterback that either will manage the game or toss things into the toilet.

Week 3, is Roethlisberger and one of the best offensive lines in football. If anyone wants a look at what Bosa brings, this will be the game to watch. The 49ers don’t even need to win this game for everyone to come away with an impression of Bosa’s progress. Not only is Bosa going against top-shelf talent, he also will have two games of film on him. The Steelers can and will scheme against Bosa. Add the film room to the fact he’s going up against Roethlisberger and that the Steelers might be in a bit of urgency from the way their first two weeks work out and you will get the first glimpse of Bosa when the stakes are high.

It’s the 49ers first home game but Week 3 also will be the game to keep an eye on Nick Bosa and see how his progression goes.