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Jimmy Garoppolo and Father Tony, Promote SkillsUSA and Klein Tools First National Signing Day.

And of course Fox News asked about Nick Bosa.

Jimmy and father Tony
photo cred SkillsUSA and KleinTools

Jimmy and Tony Garoppolo spoke on Fox Business show Varney & Co. about their initiative to encourage high school students to pursue skilled trades after school or at least, consider it as an option and alternative. On May 8th, Jimmy and his father will join SkillsUSA and Klein Tools for their first National Signing Day at the Silicon Valley Career Technical Education center to celebrate high school seniors who will be signing ‘letters of intent’ for a career in skilled trades.

The video belonging to Fox News Business is embedded in my tweet and you can see it after the jump.

Jimmy, spoke about the initiative:

”It’s kind of one of those unique opportunities. It’s different than what the normal path is for kids now a days of just going to college and kind of not knowing what they’re going to do and then finding a career after that. SkillsUSA and Klein Tools put together this national signing day where it’s a different opportunity for kids kind of to set them on a path a littler sooner than college.”

Tony, who is a recently retired electrician of 40 years did encourage all his kids to pursue a college education:

”I told all our kids college was the way to go and I think that society in general at that time, everything was geared towards college and if it didn’t work out you could fall back into trades but with Skills and Klein getting together for this oppertunity it’s given kids, not to say don’t go to college, it’s an opperunity, it’s an alternative, there is other paths than just college itself.”

The interview closed in Fox News fashion of course with Varney & Co. asking Jimmy about teammate Nick Bosa and his political stance and if there will be any issues in the locker room.

”Those type of things aren’t even really discussed. In the locker room, once you get in that facility it’s all about football. It’s all about being a good teammate and putting the team first. Nick seems like a good guy. I got the oppertunity to meet him when he first got drafted. We’ll bring him along just right.”