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49ers’ fans confidence in the team has gone up post-draft

FanPulse is back, and things have improved since the draft

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers fans are drinking the Kool-Aid this offseason, and it’s as good as ever. After a disappointing 2018 season filled with injuries, Niners fans were quite confident in the team after free agency. That confidence dipped a little bit before the draft, but now that we know whom the team selected, there’s been a slight increase in approval regarding the direction of the organization.

End of the season the FanPulse was at 81%. After free agency, it climbed to 95%. You couldn’t tell us anything. Before the draft, we came back down to earth at 84%. Now, the number sits at 86%.

It’s easy to get excited over the 49ers draft. They drafted arguably the best defensive player in the draft. The Niners also added two much-needed threats at wide receiver. It’s not “playoffs or bust,” but I think everyone is expecting some good fortune in 2019.