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Dante Pettis has added weight over the offseason

One of the knocks some had on him coming out of college may be addressed.

One of the main weaknesses of Dante Pettis was his size and weight coming out of college. Well, fear no more, that issue appears to have been addressed. Pettis revealed on Twitter that he’s gained some weight over the offseason.

The actual weight isn’t known. He mentioned 225, to a fan wanting to reference Madden ratings, but it was more of a joke than anything serious. He weighed 190 pounds out of college which would make it a 30 pound increase. I’m not a nutritionist, but that seems like quite a bit so I doubt he’s gotten that huge.

One of Dante Pettisweaknesses before being drafted was getting disoriented by bigger cornerbacks and needing to add some weight to his frame. The question will be how much this might impact his speed/acceleration, but it’s something that will be needed if he’s to take things to the next level as well as improve his durability in the league.

On the flipside of this whole exchange, the whole prompting of this revelation was fullback Kyle Juszczyk wondering if he should switch positions based on the snaps the backfield took lining up as a wide receiver (slot included). Juszczyk lined up 365 times in his career. Now that’s one receiver cornerbacks would have trouble dominating.

I’d actually like to see them try, to be honest.