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Check out these punter numbers from 49ers OTAs

I heart the punter.

I know why you’re here on a Saturday afternoon. It’s all about the punter. You want to know how Mitch Wishnowsky is doing, right?

Oh, you don’t? Well you’re gonna hear anyways because that punter is amazing. Check this out:

Oh hell yes. That’s our punter. Perfect score on plus-50 punts.

The 49ers defensive line has been seen as one of the most improved and my become stuff machines in stopping runs and quarterbacks. An offense’s playbook is severely limited when inside the 10-yard line. If Wishnowsky can pin opposing offenses like this in games and the 49ers defense can capitalize, we’ll be seeing some nice outcomes from this punter.

Jennifer Lee Chan made a note of the hangtime on Wishnowsky’s punts as well, which is going to do wonder for Raheem Mostert’s gunner ability. We don’t know the exact hangtime of their ridiculous heights but I think someone will be busting out the stopwatch next time.

Speaking of Wishnowsky, there’s a great read by ESPN’s Nick Wagoner on the Prokick Facility that Wishnowsky went to to learn how to kick a football as well as the interest in Australian punters the NFL has taken to.

Yes, the Wishnowsky pick was a bit of a reach, but you can’t ignore the possibilities this creates for the 49ers defense and special teams.