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49ers 90-in-90: DL Kapron Lewis-Moore

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Breaking down the 90 players on the 49ers offseason roster in 90 posts (over 90 or so days). Today is defensive lineman Kapron Lewis-Moore

Kapron Lewis-Moore. This is one big kid. Six feet, four inches and 315 pounds. What else do we know? He’s been in the league since 2013 and has just five games and three tackles to show for it. All of those tackles and games came in 2015 with the Baltimore Ravens. He’s bounced around to the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars and now he’s a member of the San Francisco 49ers. What a time to be alive!

You can probably draw your own conclusions with that background. The 49ers have given the defensive line a shot in the arm with adding some edge-presence. Solomon Thomas appears to have worked through the personal issues of grief that caused his production to plummet and Kentavius Street will be getting a long look after recovering from that ACL tear. There’s also D.J. Jones who took Earl Mitchell’s job last year and Sheldon Day.

Far too much competition, far too much youth and far too much to overcome. But let’s break this guy down anyways.

Basic info

Age: 29
Experience: Six seasons in practice squad, 0 accrued seasons
Height: 6’4
Weight: 315

Cap Status

He has signed a two-year reserves/futures contract with the 49ers. His first year comes with a cap hit of $570,000. Due to be a reserves/futures contract, there is no dead money if cut.

What to expect in 2019

Competition. Lewis-Moore may yet carve out a spot as a backup given his size and experience. The 49ers could use a backup nose tackle behind D.J. Jones who really came into his own last year. If that’s the case, he might make the roster but not be activated on game day. Given the youth and investments on the line, it’s hard to see where Lewis-Moore will fit when cutting down to the 53-man, but he’s got experience in the league, maybe it’s his time to shine.

There’s very little tape on him (again: three career tackles) so it’s hard to see improvement or where he is as a player at this point.

Odds of making the roster

Game 4 starter. The 49ers have too many homegrown prospects on the defensive line to look at where Lewis-Moore can hope to get a roster spot. The 49ers are not going to burn an “extra” spot for a defensive lineman either. If they decide to shuffle things around, it’s going to be to keep more wide receivers.

Lewis-Moore will be playing Game 4 of the preseason and will not go further from there. He’s a big guy, however, so I like the possibilities if he got his game together. Truth is, he’s had six years to get there. And he has three tackles.