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Robbie Gould won’t be at 49ers minicamp

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Kicker news, baby!

Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

49ers’ kicker Robbie Gould still has not signed his franchise tag; thus he will not be at minicamp, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Since Gould is not under contract, he can’t be fined for the absence. In late April, Gould requested to be traded. It’s been no secret that he wants to play for the Chicago Bears—who just so happen to need a kicker—and be closer to his family. The 49ers have been vocal about not wanting to trade Gould.

When will this end? Somebody is going to have to give in. Whether that’s when Gould acknowledges the fact that the 49ers are not going to trade him, or the Niners realize Gould isn’t bluffing. Gould skipping out on mandatory minicamp is just another step in what could be a long process.

With Gould holding out for the foreseeable future, the kicking duties will fall on the foot of Jonathan Brown. The 26-year old was a free agent signing from the Cincinnati Bengals this offseason. There are no stats for Brown at the NFL level.