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Oakland Raiders will be on ‘Hard Knocks’

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Thank God.

I know what you come to this blog for. I know you come here for San Francisco 49ers news. Well my friend, I don’t have any better news this morning than what got announced Tuesday: the 49ers are not going to be on “Hard Knocks.”

Nope, instead it’s the Oakland Raiders as predicted. This should come as no surprise. While the 49ers were one of five teams that could be on the show, they were in no way enthusiastic on the possibility. Many fans share the sentiments, but at the same time, it would have been quite interesting seeing the 49ers on HBO and seeing some day-to-day routines of the practices and coaching staff. I wouldn’t have minded it as a fan, but it’s understandable why the 49ers want nothing to do with it, and I’m not bummed that the 49ers are not going to be on the show.

So we get the Raiders. Jon Gruden and Antonio Brown. Chuckie and Mr. Big Chest. There’s some other characters we can see hanging around there, but that would be the top two in my book. Gruden is no stranger to TV, some are missing him from Monday Night Football while others were happy to see that personality of his go away. Either way he’s going to be interesting, if not entertaining. Antonio Brown has been somewhat soft spoken, until I watched him this offseason calling himself Mr. Big Chest and having a golden mustache. Now I can’t get enough of it.

“Hard Knocks” always is going to have me watching it regardless of the team because watching a team operate is always a treat. You know this is going to be a show with Gruden running things.

I only hope we get a couple Mr. Big Chest blasts.