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Jimmy Garoppolo ranks No. 6 on SI’s list of players chugging beer.

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This is a skill that should be vetted at the draft phase.

It’s a slow weekend thanks to camps winding down and the San Francisco 49ers not having much news we haven’t gone on about, but there are still rankings for various skills and positions. One of those rankings isn’t just for the 49ers, but the NFL at large and concerns the quarterbacks . OK, it’s who chugs beer the best, but it’s still a definitive list and Jimmy Garoppolo is No. 6

Look, I don’t know where this quarterback beer chugging thing came from, but it seems to be the new statistical standard to judge a signal caller by. It’s only a matter of time until beer chugging ability affects Madden rankings. Regardless of its origins,’s Jimmy Traina put together a list of the best beer chuggers in the NFL.

You’ve got your Tom Brady and Baker Mayfields topping the list (understandable) and ahead of Patrick Mahomes is Jimmy G. Number six:

6. Jimmy Garopolo: Chances are, if you date a porn star, you can chug a beer. And there’s this.

I think this was what was missing from the 49ers State of the Franchise event. A mug, an amber ale, and Jimmy G downing the thing with a stopwatch nearby. I would mark out if it was a competition against his offensive lineman, Mike McGlinchey.

Do you think this ranking is too low? You’ve seen Brady chug beer, right? Do you think Jimmy G has that shut down?

And yes, those of you who came in through the homepage link. This is also a demonstration. There’s been a lot of claims of us putting in clickbait lately. All of them false. I found this a perfect time for us to have a lesson on what clickbait actually is.

Now this my friends, is clickbait.