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Extensive breakdown of George Kittle/49ers offense

Let’s continue the legend of George Kittle, shall we?

When will we stop talking about George Kittle? Well, not as long as this offseason is going. He was one of the bright spots from what otherwise was a crummy 2018 season. Even if he doesn’t get the numbers he got in 2018, he’ll still be a huge piece in the San Francisco 49ers offense.

Friend of the site Brett Kollmann has been making a name for himself with his awesome film breakdowns. Last year, he did a great breakdown of Jimmy Garoppolo’s mechanics (which, of course, got a polarizing reception here) and he’s back with some breakdowns on Kittle and the bootleg passes the 49ers have enjoyed using for quite some time.

He also says he wouldn’t be shocked if the 49ers challenged for the division this year. I’ll take it!

Enjoy the video, and if you can’t see it above, click here.