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Take a look at two of the 49ers most jacked up hits

I think I can agree with these.

Happy Father’s Day everyone. If you are fortunate enough to have a relationship with your old man, I hope that you were able spend some time either with a conversation or a meal. My dad is probably golfing like he does every day after he’s done selling a bunch of radio advertising.

I thought I’d put together an open thread for the evening and see what everyone is doing. Here in Seattle, we had our first few “hot” days. By “hot” I mean I have to keep the windows open and the fan on. It’s almost time for me to bust out the hammock regularly. I tried it last week, but the breeze combined with the temperature made it juuuuuuust not quite right.

Really, the reason I put this thread up is so I can show this video. I was on 49ers Reddit today and someone posted each teams’ biggest jacked up moments of all time. Both of the ones posted for the 49ers are what I’d have picked as well. One is that bulldoze by Patrick Willis against a poor New York Jet and the other is Dashon Goldson sending a running back all the way back to third grade.

Let us all know what you’re up to in the comments. The long period of boredom begins until training camp! If you can’t watch the video below because of the DMCA biscuits, go here.