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Nick Bosa is the biggest 49ers biggest “X-Factor” in 2019

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By definition, it better be

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

When you think San Francisco 49ers there are probably a handful of players that would qualify as the teams “X-Factor.” When I think of what an “X-Factor” is, it’s a player that will step up and make a difference at the position from the year before. George Kittle is a great example. Keeping it in the division, Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams would be another one.

Bleacher Report named which player they think will be the 49ers X-factor in 2019. They went out on a limb and chose second overall pick Nick Bosa:

The San Francisco 49ers could have one of the best defensive fronts in 2019. They have former first-rounders Arik Armstead (2015), DeForest Buckner (2016) and Solomon Thomas (2017). They also traded for pass-rusher Dee Ford this offseason.

But the X-factor in the defense is 2019 second overall pick Nick Bosa.

Bosa has the potential to be the elite edge-rusher the 49ers have been missing. If he can make a quick transition to the pro game, he and Ford could forge a pass-rushing duo similar to the one Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram have in L.A. With guys like Buckner and Armstead manning the middle, San Francisco’s defensive front would then become a veritable nightmare for opposing offensive coordinators.

If we are using the definition where you are making an impact at a position that lacked the year prior, it has to be Bosa.

The 49ers are counting on Bosa to produce. He doesn’t have to take the league by storm and lead the league in sacks. Bosa’s production can go well beyond the box score. If he and Ford can rival the Chargers duo mentioned above, the 49ers have a chance to be quite good. It won’t be an overnight success, and that’s perfectly fine. If Bosa can progress into the teams X-Factor, and make a difference throughout of the season, the Niners will be thrilled.