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NFC West ranks fourth in’s divisional power rankings

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Way too early rankings puts the NFC West right in the middle.

We’re in mid June and it’s far too early to make power rankings for NFL divisions, but we’re going to go ahead and look at some anyways.’s Gregg Rosenthal put together divisional power rankings and has the San Francisco 49ers’ division, the NFC West, at fourth. Keep in mind this is straight power rankings. Nothing ranked by quarterback or anything like that. This is the teams, the rosters, and the rankings.

Here’s what Rosenthal says about the ranking:

The Rams have won 24 regular-season games in two years under Sean McVay and there’s little reason to think they’ll suddenly crumble. The Seahawks have been the best NFC team of the decade under Pete Carroll and last season’s playoff appearance showed the coach’s resourcefulness. The Cardinals have a chance to be the worst team in the NFC, but this division’s ranking was helped by the 49ers’ ceiling. Perhaps no team in the NFL has a bigger boom-or-bust potential. Twelve wins or 10 losses would not be a surprise, but anything close to the former projection would give this division three dangerous teams.

I really want to argue against this. In first place is the NFC North, followed by the AFC North, and NFC South. I want to argue this ranking, but it also seems somewhat adequate. The NFC North has Aaron Rodgers, Khalil Mack, and a solid Minnesota Vikings roster. The AFC North has the Ravens, Ben Roethlisberger, and a revamped Cleveland Browns.

I could put the NFC West above the NFC South. The NFC South has the Saints which we all know as a powerhouse, but the Falcons are hot/cold, the Buccaneers have roster issues, and the Panthers are good depending on the year and Cam Newton’s health.

The problem with putting the NFC West at third is that it’s unproven with the 49ers and the Cardinals. The Seahawks were in the playoffs last year, but if they can do that magic again is yet to be determined in 2019. The Rams beat the Saints in the 2019 playoffs, but they might take a slight step back in terms of “power”.

Still, it’s hard to argue with where the NFC West is in all of this.

I’ll turn it over to you. What is your NFL Divisional power rankings and do you think the NFC West should be fourth?