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49ers LB Fred Warner speaks on where he can improve as a player

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Warner spoke to the media after minicamp last week

Denver Broncos v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Fred Warner is another player on the San Francisco 49ers that is easy to root for. A sound football player that has a nose for the football. Warner had success at linebacker as a rookie. Warner isn’t letting that success go to his head. Warner knows there’s room to grow. Here’s where Warner is looking to improve as a player:

All parts of my game could improve. Specifically I’m looking forward to working on tracking the ball, making sure I’m improving on tackling, communication, having clean eyes, and being able to anticipate a lot quicker.

Tracking the ball will lead to turnovers. That could be Warner getting in a throwing lane which, in turn, will lead to somebody else getting the ball.

Clean eyes and anticipation will go hand-in-hand. To me, “clean eyes” means reading your keys correctly. Whether that’s the center, the guard in front of you, or whatever your assignment is. The more familiar you are with your reads, the faster you play. Cleaner eyes will allow Warner to play more quickly. That will undoubtedly be something to keep an eye on during the regular season.

Warner went on to talk about what he sees in Kwon Alexander, their relationship, and how they talked trash to the offense. Warner went into depth on who stood out during the offseason as well. Check out the full interview below(It’s my recording from my phone, so it’s not enitrely steady):

The highlight of this clip is at about: 40 seconds in. We all had a good laugh. Warner is such an easy-going guy.