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Dre Greenlaw hopes the first quarterback he “smacks” is Patrick Mahomes

I say Jameis Winston first, and Mahomes last

Arkansas v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Dre Greenlaw has been in the news for all the right reasons. On Wednesday of last week, Greenlaw gave a commencement speech for a Foster Youth Graduation at Levi’s Stadium. The speech celebrated over 50 foster youths for graduating and their educational achievements. Here’s the video:

Greenlaw took to Instagram on Tuesday for his version of an “ask me anything” series of questions. Greenlaw was open, honest, concise, and had plenty of energy in his answers. This was easily the best answer, though:

No hyperbole there at all.

Here were the nine most interesting answers I thought Greenlaw had.

Which quarterback do you hope to smack first?

Greenlaw: “He know me from College but I’m gone get him again on this level @patrickmahomes.”

I hope that he smacks Jameis Winston first, and Patrick Mahomes last, if you pick up what I’m putting down.

Are they playing you in all three linebacker positions?

Greenlaw: “Will&Sam”

That was the case at minicamp last week. Greenlaw was playing outside linebacker. It may have been on the strong or weak side of the formation, but he was outside.

Can you predict your stats for the season?

Greenlaw: “Make the team.”

Talk about perspective. Greenlaw was asked if he would start, and a couple of other questions where he could have easily stepped on the toes of his teammates. This should be any late-round draft picks goal. Make the team, and then you have a chance. Greenlaw is setting realistic goals. I like it.

What’s one thing about the Bay Area or California that made you say, “Really? Like are y’all for real?”

Greenlaw: “Waffle House far away and the IHOP is overpriced.”

I don’t know why this is so funny to me. Of all the situations Greenlaw has been presented over the last couple of months, Waffle House, and iHop come to mind.

What’s your real 40-time?

DG: “I’m real deal 4.5 I just pulled my hamstring 2 weeks before the combine and hadn’t run since I was overweight at 237 I played at 228.”

Greenlaw reportedly ran an unofficial 40-yard dash at his Pro Day in March. His speed and athleticism can be a real asset to the defense, even if that is in specific packages at first.

Who is your favorite player of all time?

Greenlaw: “Supermannnnn”

It’s always interesting seeing who players gravitate towards. Greenlaw said Superman with a photo of Cam Newton in the background. Ask ten fans how they feel about Newton, then ask ten players. Fans tend to be more down on Newton, but the players love him.

How did you come in last place in go-kart racing?

Greenlaw: “I was looking to hit people it’s in my DNA.”

The 49ers had a recent team activity where they all went go-kart racing. This is a perfect answer for a linebacker. You see something, and you hit it.

Who was your favorite linebacker growing up?

Greenlaw: “Lol Ray and Patrick!!! I was a safety so I liked DB’s growing up.”

Greenlaw also said he models himself after “big bro”, with a picture of Kwon Alexander in the background. That was the second mention of Alexander. Earlier, Greenlaw said he’s “learning from the best.”

What is your favorite book or movie?

Greenlaw: “The whole series.”

This was a surprise. There was a picture of Kate Beckinsale as her character in Underworld in the background.