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Golden Nuggets: Jim Tunney on ‘The Catch”

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

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It is definitely well into the offseason when I can head over to two of the normal 49ers sites and see articles with completely differing viewpoints. Ninerswire and Niners Noise each published articles yesterday regarding the upcoming effectiveness of the 49ers’ secondary. One article states the reasons the secondary will be much improved while the other speaks about the secondary’s liability.

So, instead of dredging on about these concepts, I will just suggest reading them both to add additional points of view to one of our most debated topics. These are the first two articles below.

Instead, let us talk about retired NFL official Jim Tunney. There was a great article/interview with him that reminds us of the NFL of years past. He stood as a referee during the times before a giant spotlight was marked on the profession. Before a pass interference call in the Saints/Rams game, It was men like Jim Tunney that kept low profiles and actually had fun on the field during their profession.

He was one of the officials during the 1981 NFC Championship Game. He was right next to Montana who was laying on the ground after being pushed down by Too Tall Jones. As Dwight Clark came down with catch, Cool Joe looked at Tunney wondering the result of the throw. Tunney with a quick lie/joke stated “You threw it in the stands” and then immediately let Joe know “Dwight caught it”.

I suggest reading the article if you want a quick smile. The man has history in the league and told a few of his stories.

On to the links:

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