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Deebo Samuel on Jimmy Garoppolo’s work ethic: Even though the vets are gone, he’s still here all day

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North Carolina State v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers second round selection Deebo Samuel was on NFL Total Access on Wednesday evening. When asked how are things going, Samuel talked about how he was looking for apartments and how rent in the Bay Area is a little bit expensive. That was an excellent icebreaker.

Samuel talked about his connection with the coaches, and if he felt like the 49ers would call him back during the draft. Samuel was very confident they would. He was right.

Samuel also talks about the minor hip injury that made him miss minicamp. He was sure to let us know that if it was a game situation that he could have easily played through.

Samuel shared his first impressions of Jimmy Garoppolo. “Great. He’s looking pretty good. Even though the vets are gone, he’s here every day and all day, even during rehab. His daily routine before practice is the same; he gets the guys going.

Watch the rest of the interview below. Samuel talks about the 49ers 6th Annual Community Day, and much more: