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49ers and Santa Clara County Library District Kick Off Summer Reading Program

Mike McGlinchey love the kids.

The San Francisco 49ers and Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD) have teamed up for the second straight year as partners in SCCLD’s Summer Reading Program.

To kick things off, the 49ers own Mike McGlinchey came by to hang out with kids and parents at the Milpitas Library for a fun-filled afternoon and hosted a special story time. Naturally, with my kids being out of school, I packed them up and headed on out to get some more information on the second year team-up between the 49ers and SCCLD.

When Mike McGlinchey entered the room, I could see the kids in awe of how tall he was. At that moment, Mike was the most prominent person in the room in their eyes. I could hear some kids whisper, “wowwww.....” and as much in awe as they were, they all had smiles as his energy naturally lit up the room. Mike McGlinchey had parents and kids moving and grooving with a 60-second dance party, took a moment to read a football story to the kids, and then participated in a sketch with the librarians to end the day with a bow in front of a room full of applauding children and parents.

The event was one of two unique visits the 49ers planned for the day to celebrate Santa Clara County Library District’s It’s Showtime at Your Library! Summer Reading Program, with Sourdough Sam visiting in Gilroy Library earlier in the day with both events highlighting the partnership between SCCLD and the 49ers organization by emphasizing on promoting reading at all ages during the summer. Studies show that school-aged children are susceptible to what is referred to as a “Summer Slide,” where a child’s reading ability possibly goes down when school is not in session.

I left with a HUGE smile on my face because it appeared to me that Mike McGlinchey had stayed to take a photo and greet every last child in that room and because Mike was so awesome to do this, I immediately went to sign my family up to help SCCLD reach their goal.

If you would like to help, the branches reach their goal of 200,000 books read as a community, head on over to for more information and sign up today!