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Golden Nuggets: Why Jimmy G will have 4600 yards passing in 2019

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San Francisco 49ers links for Friday June 21, 2019

NFL: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

How many yards passing will Jimmy Garoppolo have this year? I know this might seem high but I am guessing over 4600. I know, that would have put him in the top five in 2018 but it would have also put him 88 yards behind Jared Goff who happens to play in a similar style offense. I personally don’t think Goff is as good of a quarterback as Jimmy G but that remains to be seen.

I know, it is hard to fathom us having 46 more yards passing per game than we had with our third string quarterback last year. What am I going to expect next, a couple of wide receivers with more than 500 yards receiving, perhaps a couple of extra running backs that can catch the ball?

I am not expecting Jimmy G to turn into the next Tom Brady this season or one of our wide receivers to suddenly lead the league in receiving yards, it is all about Mr. Shanahan’s ability to scheme his receivers open and yards after the catch. If Sean McVay can get Goff to pass for over 4600 yards, Shanahan certainly should be able to do the same with Garoppolo. Here is my breakdown:

  • 1200 yards passing to the TEs
  • 800 yards passing to the running backs
  • Dante Pettis 800 yards
  • Deebo Samuels 600 yards
  • Marquise Goodwin 400 yards
  • Trent Taylor 400 yards
  • Jordan Matthews 200 yards
  • Jalen Hurd 200 yards

Ok, now to come clean, I just wanted an excuse to use that bobblehead picture.

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