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Will this be the year Jimmy Garoppolo makes his first Pro Bowl?

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Making it as an alternate doesn’t count

San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo is entering his sixth NFL season. During that time, he has ten career starts. There are plenty of analytics and stats in today’s game that goes well beyond the box score. One of the most basic stats is QB wins. You’ll hear plenty of people say that they don’t matter, it’s a team sport, blah blah. I’m in the camp that QB wins are a thing. Garoppolo has had games where he’s played lights out. He’s also had games where he struggled. He is one of those quarterbacks that gives you a chance to win every time he is under center. To me, his 6-2 record with the 49ers is a reflection of QB wins.

That brings us to the Pro Bowl. Is this the year for Jimmy G? Last year, Drew Brees, Jared Goff, and Aaron Rodgers were voted in initially for the NFC. They were replaced by Mitchell Trubisky, Russell Wilson, and Dak Prescott. So all the quarterbacks that made the playoffs and one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL over the past decade. If Garoppolo is going to make it, he will need to put up gaudy numbers or lead the 49ers to wins. Simple, right?

The folks over at went through each team to determine who would make the Pro Bowl for the first time. Their prediction was Garoppolo. Here’s what they said:

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, sixth NFL season: ”If not now, then when?” Tracy Chapman asked in her 1988 self-titled debut album. Were those words penned for Jimmy Garoppolo, the future quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers? Entirely unlikely, as Jimmy G wasn’t even born yet, but it’s an apt message for a quarterback set to turn 28 in November. Assuming his surgically repaired knee is ready to roll, Garoppolo has a golden opportunity to nab Comeback Player of the Year honors and possibly a playoff bid. He and uber-creative coach Kyle Shanahan are under a fair amount of pressure to make the latter happen come September. The time is now.

I don’t think it’s a “now or never” situation for Garoppolo. He’s 27-years old and has yet to start a full season. Let’s pump the brakes. I think it’s fair to say this is the season for the 49ers to take a step forward as a team, but we can slow down on the pressure to make the playoffs as well. That feels like a 2020 type of statement.

Here’s my question to you, health aside, Garoppolo won’t make the Pro Bowl if what happens?