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Would you choose the fork or the spoon?

Welcome to the great debate.

Pat’s update: Sporks are not an option

Last year around this time, we brought up the great burger debate after Mike McGlinchey talked about In-N-Out Burger and how it wasn’t great.

Well, thanks to this mic’d up segment we have a new debate: forks or spoons. Thanks, Dante Pettis.

The 49ers wide receiver was mic’d up at OTAs and spent a good portion of the video getting players’ thoughts on what they’d choose. Jordan Matthews and Marquise Goodwin need their cereal (that will be another debate soon, but Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs FTW), so they went spoon. Pettis points out that you can’t eat pasta with a spoon (which is untrue, you can’t eat certain kinds of pasta with a spoon).

The debate has been spilled out of the segment and went to Twitter with Trent Taylor arguing for the spoon as well:

And then Kyle Juszczyk went for team fork:

We’ll let the debate spill into Niners Nation. I have alerted the mods and ask that we keep it clean in here, but we must debate this. Fork or spoon?

And go!


Fork or Spoon?

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