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49ers decided on Nick Bosa at the NFL Combine, per report

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We can lay to rest how hard the decision on draft day was.

The San Francisco 49ers are still trying to get Nick Bosa locked in with a contract, but they may have had since February to get things rolling.

Matt Maiocco reported in his recent mailbag that the 49ers decided to draft Bosa all the way back in late February at the NFL Scouting Combine. Along with the decision, 49ers contract guru Paraag Marathe told Bosa’s representation that Bosa would be the pick if available at No. 2.

If anyone had any questions on if then-Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams was in the conversation, especially with that Solomon Thomas trade rumor going around, that can be given a rest. Some reports indicated the 49ers may have been interested in Williams and were debating between the pair of Williams and Bosa. If they made their decision at the Combine, there’s not much more to discuss, unless if the initial plan was to trade back for Williams and more picks.

Right now, Bosa remains unsigned. The holdup is the offset language and agents trying to win battles against teams and vice versa. The current CBA leaves nothing open for negotiations when it comes to salary. It’s all about the cash flow/offset language.

Considering this was all relayed at the NFL Combine, one would think both parties would have a better idea of where negotiations would go. For now, we have to wait and see what happens. There’s still plenty of time for the 49ers to lock Bosa up before it becomes a problem.