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Doug Farrar goes one for two; puts Staley at No. 9 for best OTs, leaves Buckner off best DTs.

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A week ago we were asking you what players needed to be on the “best of” lists. DeForest Buckner and George Kittle are the first names I thought of, but Joe Staley is another one of the better players in the NFL. The offensive tackle just keeps going and much like Frank Gore, has no sign of slowing down.

Doug Farrar is putting together his best of lists and for offensive tackles, he listed Staley at No. 9.

In June, the 49ers signed Staley to a two-year contract extension that will keep him on the roster through the 2021 season. Staley will be 37 at that point, but there’s no reason to doubt his ability to play well through that new contract. San Francisco’s first-round pick in 2007, Staley has developed from a raw prospect out of Central Michigan into one of the most reliable tackles in the league, especially in the pass-blocking department. He hasn’t allowed more than four sacks in a season in five of the last six years, and in 2018, he gave up four sacks, seven quarterback hits and 14 quarterback hurries.

It actually says a lot about Staley. For someone who turns 35 at the end of August, right now should be the time a career starts winding down. Not Staley. Instead of things winding down, he gets a deal that keeps him in San Francisco for another three years.

This also makes Farrar go one for two as far as obvious 49ers positions. He put together his best interior defensive linemen list a while back and left Buckner off it. Why Buckner didn’t make the defensive tackles list, we may never know. I’ve already written about how Buckner never gets any respect, so you already know where I’d go with that take. It’s not just Farrar, it seems like Buckner is always getting overlooked. It’s strange.

The one thing the 49ers need to do with Staley is realize they are on borrowed time with him. Staley isn’t going to be productive like this forever and getting that replacement, be it Mike McGlinchey or someone else, groomed is a necessity.

The same can be said with Buckner. With the 49ers defensive line getting a shot in the arm, Buckner is going to be even more expensive at the end of 2019 than before it.

A lot of decisions still need to be made. If only there could be more consistency with the 49ers making best-of lists. At least they are one for two here!