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What was your favorite 49ers play from 2018?

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The 49ers may have not won a lot of games in 2018, but they did have a lot of success and hope for the future.

It’s well known the San Francisco 49ers didn’t have a very good 2018 season. Well, if you look at the win/loss record. The thing is, the 49ers did have some success, even if they didn’t win many games. For one thing, Matt Breida came into his own and established himself as a great running back, especially for an undrafted free agent. There’s also George Kittle who made linebackers and secondaries look silly when he ran circles around them.

We all have a lot of plays we loved from the 49ers. What was your personal favorite? It doesn’t need to be something that led to a touchdown or a huge stat-change, it could have been a fun celebration or the way a pass was caught.

For me, I’d love to go through the library of Kittle plays (the Oakland Raiders one-handed catch and the record setter against Los Angeles Rams both come to mind), but the winner is Matt Breida’s ridiculous run in Week 2 against the Detroit Lions. If you can’t see the video below, or the DMCA biscuits are blocking it, click here to see it:

The run itself was something that demonstrated Breida was something special, but it had a lot of other things I liked; Pierre Garcon’s block, Mike McGlinchey dancing at the end, and come on, that run, man.

The late Dwight Clark made a point after Bill Walsh’s second year (1980) that there was a lot of good to take from the season. He noted the 49ers had a lot of success, they just didn’t win many games. The same point can be made about 2018. We are quick to point out just how miserable the season was, but there were a lot of good things that came out of it that the 49ers can build on for the future.

But back to your favorite plays. You have mine. What was your favorite play from the 2018 season?

Something tells me this thread is about to be full of Kittle highlights...