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Golden Nuggets: Who are the top five 49ers WR of all time?

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Monday June 24th 2019

Charlie Garner/Jerry Rice

It’s back to the grind of another long week without football, which leaves us all looking for something keep us occupied here at NinersNation. For those that missed it, over the weekend we all had a chance to share our selections for the Top 5 49ers RB of All Time, and I enjoyed it so much that I thought we could kick the can a little further down the road and do the same with wide receivers.

For the sake of having some ground rules, I am not including TE in the discussion. I can see both sides of the argument for inclusion/exclusion, but the fact is that it’s a different position and for that reason we’ll go without. I’m also leaving off players that had amazing careers overall, but who did most of their damage for other teams. So no Randy Moss or Isaac Bruce on this list. Now, with that out of the way, onto my top five!

  1. Jerry Rice - Not much to say here. He’s the GOAT.
  2. Terrell Owens - Loved Terrell, but couldn’t stand TO. All of that aside he was an elite talent, and the second best WR to ever don the Red and Gold.
  3. Dwight Clark - Probably my favorite all time 49ers WR, Clark’s numbers don’t match up with Rice or Owens, but he was Montana’s favorite target on those early 80’s teams and for good reason: he had reliable hands and was always open in the clutch.
  4. John Taylor - This is where it gets interesting, and where alot of lists might start to diverge, but for me it’s an easy one. Taylor in his prime was one of the best WR’s (and punt returners) in the NFL. Unfortunately for him, he just happened to be playing in the shadow of the greatest of all time.
  5. Freddie Solomon - A somewhat forgotten character from those early 80’s 49ers teams, Solomon was no slouch. He averaged 15.7 ypc during his time with SF - which is actually higher than both Rice and Owens, not to mention a TD every 7.2 receptions - also better than Rice and Owens. Now, I’m not saying he was as good as those two, not even close, but he was immensely talented, and a big part of those first two SB championships that kicked off the 49ers dynasty.

So now it’s your turn. Let everyone know in the comments below who your top 5 are and why!

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