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Steve Miller predicted a 49ers/Patriots Super Bowl...back in the 70s

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Keep on rocking me baby.

New England Patriots v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Look, we all know predictions for the Super Bowl in June are way too far fetched. They are just something to generate discussions and fun arguments in the comments. Now, a Super Bowl prediction, a prediction for the Super Bowl matchup made in 1976? That’s gold right there.

Matthew Rewinski, who writes for our sister site Pat’s Pulpit, had someone point something relevant to 49ers fans. Bay Area rock legend Steve Miller’s song “Keep on Rockin me Baby” accurately lists the Patriots last four Super Bowl opponents:

Here are the lyrics to the song:

I went from Phoenix, Arizona / All the way to Tacoma / Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A. / Northern California, where the girls are warm / So I could be with my sweet baby, yeah

OK, so the Arizona Cardinals haven’t played the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but Super Bowl XLIX, where New England beat the Seattle Seahawks thanks to this, was played in Glendale, Arizona which is a suburb of Phoenix. Also, Tacoma is about forty minutes south of Seattle, WA.

That said, the last four opponents of the New England Patriots were the Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, and Los Angeles Rams.

Keep in mind; this doesn’t say the Patriots will square off against the 49ers in 2020. It does predict that the 49ers are a future Patriots opponent. Of course, it also could mean the Arizona Cardinals are the next opponent, and the location of that Super Bowl doesn’t matter.

Either way, the 49ers are primed to play the Patriots in the Super Bowl at some point. I only hope I’m around to see it. If the 49ers do make it to the Super Bowl in 2020, maybe dropping some money on a Patriots Cardinals matchup may not be a bad investment.