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Managing expectations for a team on the rise

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I joined Brian Peacock from Locked On 49ers

Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Brian Peacock runs the Locked On 49ers Podcast. I joined him to discuss the following about the San Francisco 49ers:

  • George Kittle still has room to build on his record-breaking 2018 season
  • Dante Pettis is poised for a year two breakout
  • Closing the gap on Seattle and LA in the NFC West
  • Managing expectations for a team on the rise
  • Talking up Kwon Alexander, Tarvarius Moore, Nick Bosa, Deebo Samuel and Matt Breida in 2019

We had a good laugh afterward because I referenced the 49ers winning six games(you’ll see why tomorrow), and Pettis receiving yards over 700 yards. I slipped up, and that was my mistake. There is plenty of noteworthy discussion throughout the 30 minutes of the podcast. Brian is a great guy that is knowledgable about football, and someone straightforward to talk to.

Come for the Kyle Shanahan bit where we discuss how the Niners head coach will be able to take advantage of the talent on offense that will make it more of a “matchup offense” as opposed to relying on the same one or two players every game. Stay for our hot takes at the end. Enjoy.