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Matt Breida talks about his favorite number, food, his favorite play from last year & more

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Breida took to Instagram to answer a series of questions from fans

Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Like Dre Greenlaw did last week, San Francisco 49ers running back Matt Breida took to Instagram on Monday for his version of an “ask me anything” series of questions. Breida was asked about everything from his favorite food to his favorite play from the season last year. Breida started off by revealing how he arrived at wearing the No. 22.

Here are some of the other questions Breida answered, without the emoji of course.

What is your favorite food?

Breida: “Pizza or Pasta”

Is your ankle in top shape and are you ready for the season?

Breida: “Ankle is 100 percent and I’m ready to ride”

What’s the longest game you played in?

Breida: “Longest game was in college when we went into triple OT against UGA”

Which team are you most excited to play against this season?

Breida: “Tampa bay because it’s week 1”

What were you thinking during your 66-yard run against the Detroit Lions last year?

Breida: “Get to the end zone and celebrate with my guys”

Why are you so fast?

Breida: “All God given”

What is your favorite thing to do besides football?

Breida: “See different places and chill with my peeps”

What’s your favorite play from last season?

Breida: “When @gkittle46 broke the single season rec record for TE”

Who was your favorite running back growing up?

Breida: “Walter Payton / Emmitt Smith”

Who is better at ping pong? C.J. Beathard or Trent Taylor?

Breida: “CJ — don’t tell trent”

What do you love the most about Kyle Shanahan’s system?

Breida: “Never know what your gonna get — Keeps you on your toes”

How did you start liking football?

Breida: “Watching it with my Dad when I was lil”

How do you overcome adversity?

Breida: “Just always be humble and patient. Everything happens for a reason good or bad. As long as you work hard you can overcome anything.”

Do you have any advice for me going into my freshman year of football?

Breida: “The more work you put in the better results you’ll see. Take advantage of every day and don’t be afraid to fail.”

What were your favorite courses in college and do you plan on earning your master’s degree one day?

Breida: “Accounting — I got my bachelors in accounting. Eventually wanna get my CPA after football.”

How old were you when you started playing football?

Breida: “6”

What if your favorite spot other than football?

Breida: “Basketball”

Was football always your dream?

Breida: “Yess and hasn’t changed”