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Former All-Pro LB Chad Brown on the 49ers DL: The most talented room I’ve ever been in.

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The 49ers intern opens up about his early experiences with the Niners

Broncos v Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

In May, former All-Pro linebacker Chad Brown was announced as one of the San Francisco 49ers interns. That was part of the Bill Walsh Diversity Fellowship program. Brown was a guest on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football Tuesday morning and addressed what he saw from the defensive line during spring workouts.

Brown has been no stranger to great defenses in his day. Hearing him light up when talking about the talent in the 49ers defensive line room was encouraging:

“Certainly a lot of talent. That defensive line room, five first-round picks – literally the most talented room I’ve ever been in. Remember I was part of that Steelers linebacker corps back in Blitzburgh. We were pretty good. These guys have a chance to be even better.”

Hello, hyperbole. I hope he’s right. If the defensive front can get after quarterbacks like the old Pittsburgh teams, this is going to be an entertaining season.

Brown also spoke about Nick Bosa, and how it’s not just about him:

“As far as Nick Bosa, I think the hamstring injury he had in OTAs slowed him down a little bit,” Brown said. “But his college career – fantastic. Played for a great coach at Ohio State, great program, so I think he has what it takes to be a great NFL player. But it’s fantastic that (with) five first-rounders, it’s not all on him. It’s not about what he does. It’s about what that group does together. I think together; they’re going to present so many issues for offensive lines.”

Brown is pushing this five-first rounders thing. I like how Brown made it out to be more about the defensive line as a whole and not just Bosa. There’s pressure on Bosa to perform, but his impact will go well beyond the box score.

Here is the entire interview with Brown: