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Training Camp Memories: 49ers fans share their stories, photos

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We asked Niners fans to share their stories, and they didn’t disappoint.

For whatever reason, the NFL continues to limit fan access to training camps more and more each year. With that in mind, I took to Twitter to ask San Francisco 49ers fans to share some of their favorite training camp memories and photos. It gives us all a chance to reminisce. Here are some of the stories we received.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a player acknowledging your child. Our own Alex Tran shared a video from last year where wide receiver Marquise Goodwin not only gave his daughter an autograph but had a little fun with the camera as well.

Kids will remember these interactions for the rest of their lives. Especially in today’s age now that we have the technology to relive these moments in more than just a polaroid photo.

These next photos feature three of the more prominent names from the 2000s for the 49ers.

Scott McCloughan was the 49ers VP of Player Personnel from 2005-07, and the general manager from 2008-09. In NFL Circles, McCloughan is known as one of the best talent evaluators/consultants over the past twenty years. He is incredibly respected. What a cool photo.

You may have heard of this next player.

JD shared one final picture with us from the 2007 training camp.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better first round combination of selections than Willis and Joe Staley. Talk about knocking it out of the park.

I challenge you to name a better group of linebackers than this:

Any team. Any year. Could you find four more productive linebackers that were on the same team? Good luck.

How’s this for a throwback? 1982, baby.

That’s awesome.

Fast forward to 2008. When is the last time you heard some of these names?

I will always remember Manny Lawson from Madden because of his speed rating being in the ‘90s for a linebacker. Ashley Lelie? He only played one year for the Niners, but I recall him lighting it up in college at the University of Hawaii.

This will be the last photo because I’m not sure how we can top this.

There were plenty of great photos. Thanks to everyone that shared their memories. Here’s a story from @rickthefather

I remember my Dad taking me to camp in Rocklin when I was a kid. After practice Steve Young and Brent Jones signed my hat. Then a buddy of mine had VIP camp tickets in like 08 or 09 and had a private Q&A with McCloughan

Being with your family makes these moments memorable. The beauty of sports is being to enjoy it together.

Share some of your favorite stories and photos in the comments!