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Odds for Marquise Goodwin and Richie James for Forty Yards of Gold” event released

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The race takes place Saturday, June 29th.

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“Forty Yards of Gold” is this Saturday, June 29, at 4 p.m PT. The race will take place at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida. It will cost $39.95 to view on PPV. The San Francisco 49ers will have two competitors. Wide receivers Marquise Goodwin and Richie James will run at the event. The winner will get $10,000.

Fellow degenerates, you can bet on this. released odds for the race on Thursday morning. Let’s have some fun with this. Here’s my prediction for each one, feel free to add yours in.

40 Yards of Gold - Offense

Ted Ginn Jr. +250 (5/2)

Alvin Kamara +300 (3/1)

Jeff Badet +300 (3/1)

Marquise Goodwin +500 (5/1)

Kevin Snead +600 (6/1)

Richie James +750 (15/2)

Robby Anderson +1000 (10/1)

Jacoby Ford +1000 (10/1)

The best odds here are Goodwin and Anderson. Anderson ran a 4.33 and is still very young. Goodwin is an Olympian.

40 Yards of Gold - Defense

Jalen Myrick +200 (2/1)

Donte Jackson +250 (5/2)

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie +350 (7/2)

Terrell Sinkfield +600 (6/1)

John Franklin III +700 (7/1)

Rashard Robinson +800 (8/1)

Trae Waynes +1000 (10/1)

Charles James II +1000 (10/1)

Robinson found another way to make it on Niners Nation. I wouldn’t mess around here. Bet the top two.

Who will be the 40 Yards of Gold champion?

Offensive Player -130

Defensive Player -110

Myrick is the favorite for a reason. He ran a 4.28 40-yard dash in 2017.

Will any contestant run faster than 4.29 seconds?

Yes +100

No -140

With that said, the answer here is no.

First Round head-to-head matchup

Ted Ginn Jr. -250

Jacoby Ford +170

Ford with the upset.

First Round head-to-head matchup

Alvin Kamara -180

Robby Anderson +135

This one is strange. It feels like a trap. I was talking to some friends about this, and we were trying to figure out why Kamara is the favorite. Anderson ran a 4.34 40-yard dash. Kamara ran a 4.56. Could this be Vegas taking advantage of a big name? The only way that these odds make sense to me is Kamara has “next man speed,” where it takes racing against someone for him to get to another gear.

First Round head-to-head matchup

Marquise Goodwin -125

Kevin Snead -115

I have never heard of Snead, but he was known as the fastest man in college football. He ran a 4.28 in 2017. Can Goodwin pull off the upset?

First Round head-to-head matchup

Trae Waynes -170

Donte Jackson +120

I think Jackson wins this. Waynes ran a 4.31, and Jackson ran a 4.31, but Jackson was upset. Jackson was telling people he’d run faster than John Ross. I would feel good about Jackson winning this.

Who do you think wins the event?