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Mitch Wishnowsky announces engagement via Instagram

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Mitch Wishnowsky watch is in full swing and we’ll take any information we can get on the San Francisco 49ers’ fourth round punter pick.

Well we have new information. If someone was looking to tie the knot with this guy, they are out of luck. Wishnowsky has announced his engagement. What a year for this guy. Not only does he get picked in the fourth by the Niners for his MAD PUNTING SKILLZ, he’s now got himself engaged. Wishnowsky announced his engagement via his instagram page.

Yes, I’ve been drinking the kool-aid on this guy for the last couple of months, and I’m not going to stop until his MAD PUNTING SKILLZ turn to bad punting flops of some sort.

Congrats Wishnowsky! You are truly living the high life.

The 49ers report to training camp on July 26. By this time we’ll get to see more of this guy in action and those awesome punts.

If you want a breakdown of Wishnowsky’s arsenal of punts, he discussed it with Matt Maiocco on the 49ers Inside Podcast. You can read the repertoire by clicking here.