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Marquise Goodwin beats Donte Jackson to win inaugural 40 Yards of Gold title

Winner by .05 seconds.

We saw the odds, we saw the prep, hell, we even said how this should have been done months ago, and Marquise Goodwin has won the inaugural 40 Yards of Gold title.

Goodwin was matched up against Carolina Panthers cornerback Donte Jackson for the final dash and beat Jackson by .05 seconds for the win. Jackson himself did his own share of smoking past competitors up until Goodwin. Here’s a good video of him flying past Trae Waynes.

The whole contest began when Ted Ginn Jr. laid a $10,000 challenge to anyone that he was the fastest wide receiver in the NFL. From there the 40 Yards of Gold was set up and broadcast on pay-per-view.

Goodwin takes home a $1 million prize for winning the title.

The odd thing about this is the guy who inspired all of this, Ginn, no-showed the challenge. It’s rather odd considering he was wanting to put $10,000 down to showcase his speed. A cool $1 million was here.

In any case, Marquise Goodwin is fast and he proved it tonight. Here’s the tweet showing the final run: