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49ers 90-in-90: Cornerback Greg Mabin

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Breaking down the 90 players on the 49ers offseason roster in 90 posts (over 90 or so days). Today is cornerback Greg Mabin.

A few days back, we talked about Dontae Johnson and his once hopeful talents leading to an eventual benching while getting torched against the Houston Texans. The guy to come in for him? Greg Mabin. Before 2017, Mabin bounced around the league and earned his call-up in 2017, from the 49ers practice squad.

What Mabin showed was solid development. As the 49ers injury plague claimed its victims, Mabin was seen as an up-and-comer. A possible answer to the future at the position.

Then the 49ers played the Green Bay Packers and Mabin was inserted for an injured Jimmie Ward. The less said about Mabin in that game, the better. After going up against the best in the league in Aaron Rodgers, it was clear Mabin has a long ways to go to be a consistent starter, if that’s even a possibility.

Basic Info:

Age: 24
Experience: Two accrued seasons
Height: 6’1
Weight 200 lbs

Cap Status:

Signed a one year extension with a cap hit of $645,000.

Why he might improve:

Mabin was given some great opportunities to improve upon his underwhelming performance in 2017. Things built up for until a Monday Night Football matchup against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. This was where Mabin was effectively torched and many wrote the incoming Greg Mabin era at cornerback off. Mabin’s greatest issue is consistency. Sometimes he’s on, sometimes he’s off. The big thing is Mabin always needs some inside help to be effective. When he’s asked to put defending on his shoulders alone is when things get messy.

If Mabin can get better consistency and get some independence in his areas of the field he’s a capable backup.

Why he might regress:

Mabin’s lack of athleticism was also an issue for making plays. He’s not anything to write home about on special teams either and with the 49ers having just drafted Tim Harris, he’s on the losing end in terms of youth and development. Mabin might be what he is right now, a capable backup cornerback that is unable to make plays for the defense when asked to.

Odds of making the roster:

The 49ers brought Mabin back, but it's on a one-year deal without anything huge in terms of money. They could cut bait tomorrow and not feel it in the books. That said, with the movement of Tarvarius Moore to safety, the 49ers might be looking to have someone behind Richard Sherman and Jason Verrett. The latter isn’t known for durability so some depth would be nice. They also have Dontae Johnson competing for a roster spot. The same Dontae Johnson Mabin replaced in 2017 when Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins went on a tear. Mabin is on a strong bubble to make it as an insurance policy for the injuries the cornerback unit are most likely going to suffer in 2019 at some point. Just don’t expect greatness.