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Watch Marquise Goodwin catch passes off the back of an elephant

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Well, this is Goodwin, so it shouldn’t be shocking

Last offseason, we were treated to watching Marquise Goodwin do a one chip challenge with his wife. After seeing that, the following photos should come as no surprise. Goodwin has had some images of (I think) vacation and they are...well they are quite interesting.

This first one has him hanging out with a tiger. No big deal, just a tiger.

I don’t know how a tiger allowed him to get that close, but props to Goodwin. There’s no way you’d have me near one of those things. The fact he’s so calm and cool during all of this is making him the stuff of legends. That’s a damn tiger, man.

OK, why I really got all this together was the tweet from Rich Eisen showing Goodwin catching footballs. That might sound generic until you realize he’s catching football in the ocean. Atop an elephant. I mean, we all do that, right?