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Golden Nuggets: Goodwin is the fastest

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, June 30, 2019

If you didn’t hear, Marquise Goodwin won the 40 Yards of Gold. This means one thing: He’s fast.

A few months back I suggested that they put Goodwin and Ted Ginn Jr. on pay-per-view. Looks like my suggestion worked because the 40 Yards of Gold was broadcast on pay-per-view. I like when my suggestions are looked at.

In any case, Goodwin has had quite a week, between jumping off elephants to catch footballs (stick around, we’re getting to that), and being nearby tigers, he’s had quite a week.

Goodwin has done more in a week than I’ve done in a lifetime. While I ponder this, have some links:

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What Kyle Shanahan can learn from Sean Payton’s red-zone run game (Cohn)

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What a horrible night to have a curse...