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49ers wide receivers coach Wes Welker Mic’d up during OTAs

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Welker seems like the perfect guy for the job

The San Francisco 49ers return to the practice field this week. They practiced on Monday and will be available again today. The 49ers media team has been releasing sights and sounds from each practice. The most recent video may have been the most entertaining yet. It’s new wide receivers coach Wes Welker and him working with all the receivers. The video lasts just under a minute and a half, but you can already see the relationships that are forming.

Welker told Kendrick Bourne, “KB, I don’t know whether to commend you for all the swag you’ve got going or to fine your a**. I suppose that depends on how you practice.” It didn’t stop there. Welker also said, “Great work can dress like an idiot every day.”

You can watch the entire video here.

At the end of practice, Welker can be seen running wind sprints with Deebo Samuel. Throughout the practice, Welker seemed engaged and enthusiastic. Not all former players turn out to be great coaches. This will be Welker’s third year, and first as an actual position coach. If there’s a player that can teach players how to release off the line, get open at the top of their routes, and maximize the yards after the catch they get, it’s Welker. For what the 49ers need, Welker is a perfect fit. By that video, he’s already showing the receivers what it takes to be a pro.