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2019 NFL schedules by distance: 49ers travel the fifth-most

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How much will travel impact the 49ers results?

Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s not much of a surprise, given the fact that the San Francisco 49ers are a west coast team, but the team will be one of the most traveled teams in 2019. Per CBS, the 49ers rank fifth in the NFL in scheduled travel miles for 2019. The 49ers are going to travel over 25,512 miles for their eight road games.

The 49ers are going to travel five times over 2,000 miles. That starts Week 1 when the team heads to Tampa Bay. The team is traveling to Cincinnati the following week, but one would think the 49ers would stay on the east coast instead of choosing to go back to California, to fly back out a few days later. The next east coast trip isn’t until Week 7 when they head to Washington. During October the Niners will be on the road three times.

The three-game homestand will be vital to the 49ers success during Weeks 10-12. If the team can go 3-0 against Seattle, Arizona, and Green Bay, they should be sitting pretty. Following that will be two long road trips back-to-back against the Ravens and the Saints. Like the first week of the season, it would make more sense for the team to stay out east.

The 49ers haven’t won a game in the Eastern Time since 2014. They have four games this year, with three kicking off at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Two of those games come against rookie quarterbacks, though. New Orleans is Central Time, but that would be a 10 a.m. kickoff as well.

No surprise here, but the top five features all West Coast teams. The Raiders travel the most, followed by the Rams, Chargers, and Seahawks.