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Trent Taylor endorses Mitch Wishnowsky


Guess what we had on Tuesday? We had punter news. And you know here at Niners Nation, when there’s going to be news on the punter, El Pato is here is going to make sure you hear about it. So Mitch Wishnowsky has Trent Taylor’s stamp of approval. How do I know? Per Jennifer Lee Chan, we have some punter love:

That’s right. The punt returner likes the punter. That’s a match made in heaven right there. They only play on different special teams squads.

Wishnowsky really could be the special teams ace we all want. The hangtime of these punts still hasn’t been posted and I’m ridiculously curious of them.

I mentioned this as I talked about Wishnowsky over the weekend, but something to really keep in mind with this guy is the impact of the wide 9 defense and the 49ers defensive line within. If that line can generate pressure and turnovers off a limited playbook inside the 10 yard line, you are going to see some really magical stuff from the defense.

Someone did bring up one hard fact and that’s that we need to see Wishnowsky punt when there aren’t 8 guys running to break his leg on the other side of the line of scrimmage. That is yet to be determined.

But if he checks that box and Raheem Mostert can get his gunner flavor going, the 49ers are going to have a huge weapon and great advantage for their defense.

Hail punter!