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Golden Nuggets: We are back

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San Francisco 49ers links for Friday June 7, 2019

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kris Kocurek is our defensive line coach but we also have Chris Kiffin as our pass rush specialist. What is a pass rush specialist and how does that work out when you have Kocurek who is known for his expertise in the pass rush? Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Chris Kiffin but I am just wondering what his role is in this defense?

Next you have Demeco Ryans as our inside linebacker coach and Johnny Holland as our outside linebackers coach and run game specialist. We keep hearing our linebackers are interchangeable this year so why do we need both. Does Ryans just handle the MIKE position while Hollands handles the WILL and SAM positions. SAM is suppose to be a box linebacker this year so we don’t have any traditional outside linebackers to coach. Then there is the big question of what does a run game specialist do? Does he just handle how the linebackers play the run game or does he work with the defensive line and backs too?

Now we get to the secondary where we have Daniel Bullocks as the safeties coach and Joe Woods as the defensive backs coach and passing game coordinator. If Bullocks is our safeties coach, shouldn’t we have a cornerbacks coach? It stands to reason that Joe Woods would have both. After all, being the passing game coordinator and the defensive backs coach seems like a lot of responsibility compared to a middle linebackers coach. Perhaps he should have a nickel backs coach too?

I think Kyle Posey is going to be in town visiting the 49ers next week. Perhaps he can provide some answers?

I wanted to share some videos of our coaches. Some of you may have already seen them but I thought they were pretty fun so I wanted to make sure everyone has had a chance to see them. I think they really help us get a feel for their personalities. The first is of Kris Kocurek coaching his defensive line players on the sled during last week’s OTAs:

The second is from an interview with Kocurek while he was coaching in Miami.

The next one is a breast cancer story Of Kris Kocurek and his wife, Amy.

The next one is of Joe Woods being mic’d up as defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos:

I thought this was an excellent interview of Joe Woods:

The final one was of Wes Welker being mic’d up during last week’s OTAs. I guess he is trying to get Deebo Samuels to lose ten pounds.

Now onto those sizzling hot links:

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