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Texans fire GM Brian Gaine, could they look to the 49ers front office?

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It’s doubtful given philosophy and history, but don’t be surprised if some interviews are given for perspective.

Gotta love those last minute decisions. On Friday reports surfaced that the Houston Texans have fired GM Brian Gaine. It’s a bit late to be making decisions like that, but it is what it is, Gaine is gone. And now we the NFL has another GM opening.

In early June.

That’s not exactly the typical hiring period. Around this time, the GM is getting things figured out with new roster additions and getting some work done on 2020. Not the Texans, they want to get a new GM in June.

Moments after firing Gaine, it was reported that the New York Jets hired former Eagles’ vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas as GM, so if they were thinking of going after Peters, they aren’t doing it now.

In any case, you may be wondering why a San Francisco 49ers site is talking about Houston’s front office. Many of you may already know: they might come calling to the Santa Clara. It’s no secret the 49ers have been blessed with what is an all-star team of front office executives and the cream of this crop is none other than vice president of player personnel Adam Peters.

Peters came to the 49ers after a stint with the Denver Broncos. One where many have thought it was a favor from John Elway to John Lynch to give him [Lynch] a dependable and experienced exec to learn from. The interesting thing is, it was worth speculating Peters would have been a candidate for the Jets job in mid-May. There’s been nothing linking Peters to the Jets at all and he has more a history with Adam Gase than with Texans head coach Bill O’Brien.

That’s not saying the Texans wouldn’t be looking to change things up. O’Brien could have a say in the next GM considering he’s been coaching the team for awhile, but if you look at both, their philosophies may not mesh. One great example is that Peters has been doing west coast offenses while O’Brien has been running Earnhardt-Perkins offenses.

The big name has been New England Patriots executive Nick Caserio, whom Ian Rapoport thinks will be at the top of the list. Caserio is a GM by name in New England, but going to Houston would grant more power. He also worked with O’Brien while O’Brien was offensive coordinator of the Patriots.

The Texans still could be looking to bring Peters in as GM, but there might be better fits in philosophy available. But don’t be surprised if Peters or r any member of that 49ers front office for that matter is brought in for an interview. Interviews are sometimes done as favors and also so the organization can get a fresh perspective on things.