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The 2019 49ers State of the Franchise event was held Wednesday Night at the California Theater in downtown San Jose, Calif and Niners Nation was there to take some pictures. In all, we’ve uploaded over 100 images from this event.

One of the biggest takeaways is the 49ers players and fans are lucky to have Joe Staley as a part of this organization. His leadership and examples he sets speaks volumes. It's good to see the front office and the organization locking him up to retire as a 49er.

Al Guido was on hand and discussed several things new and old for this upcoming season. Throwback jerseys will be back on for Week 8 vs. the Carolina Panthers (Oct. 27).

Guido also announced the 49ers will have open training camps. There also will be bobbleheads. Yes, bobbleheads, plural. Looks like Staley and Kittle will be getting the treatment for 2019. I never understood the fascination with bobbleheads but judging by the reaction of the crowd I’m in the minority.

They also announced the revitalization of the golf course area next to Levis stadium that's really going to add 700 hotel rooms, park, bars and restaurants construction should start in January. Could be great for the fans who live out of the area that want to see a game. The cost of all this is yet to be determined.

It’s refreshing to see that the changes the 49ers are willing to make and that they are listening to their season tickets holders. Not to mention have been giving back in the communities for years and on game days.

Enjoy the gallery, folks.