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49ers to wear throwback uniforms October 27

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Who’s bought one of these?

The San Francisco 49ers had a lot of information coming out of their State of the Franchise event and one thing that’s worth noting is the day they wear the alternate uniforms. The 49ers will be wearing their throwback uniforms on Oct. 27, a home contest against the Carolina Panthers.

Keep in mind these are the white throwbacks from their championship 1994 season, not their solid black ones. The 49ers introduced these uniforms last year and they are all sorts of slick. The red and black uniforms introduced in 2014 haven’t been retired yet as far as I know, but they haven’t talked about using them for the second straight year.

I really like the white, but the emo metal head in me loved the black and red if not for the fact it goes with anything I wear. The problem with that color scheme was it just didn’t feel like 49ers colors. I would have liked maybe a gold trim on the red numbers and then it would have been really cool.

Out of curiosity on the whites. Did you purchase or do you plan on purchasing a white throwback? I know I’m going to throw some money down on a new jersey soon. I’ve never been a big fan of white as a color for clothing, but the 49ers white jerseys are my favorite of the “color rush” uniforms that are in the NFL.