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Report: Martin Mayhew interviewing for Texans GM role

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It was a matter of time.

The Houston Texans are not wasting any time. Fox Sports NFL writer Peter Schrager reports that the Texans are interviewing San Francisco 49ers Vice President of Player Personnel Martin Mayhew for the open GM role. Per Schrager, Mayhew is in Houston as of this writing.

The Texans fired GM Brian Gaine on Friday and we talked about how they may look to the 49ers front office for a possible GM replacement, but the initial thought was Adam Peters would be the guy. Unlike Peters, Mayhew has GM experience. He took over after the circus that was Matt Millen’s tenure as GM for the Detroit Lions in 2008. He held the position until getting fired in 2015. From there he found his way to the 49ers in 2017 as a senior personnel executive and was promoted to his current role of vice president of player personnel in early 2019, the same job title as Peters.

It was a foregone conclusion the 49ers front office in its current form would get broken up at some point. It is swelling with experience and surrounding 49ers General Manager John Lynch with some of the best minds in football. Just because Mayhew was fired from the Lions doesn’t make him a bad GM candidate—perhaps he had time to learn from his mistakes and is ready for another big gig.

It also could just be an opportunity for the Texans to get an idea of how the 49ers do things and maybe they can apply some of that process to their organization. Meaning they have no intention of hiring Mayhew and would rather pick his brain on how the 49ers approach certain issues.

If any more news on the interview comes out, we’ll be sure to update.