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Marquise Goodwin wants his Madden stats improved

Oh dear...

Marquise Goodwin has had himself quite a last few days hasn’t he? First we get pictures of him hanging out with tigers and catching footballs off the backs of elephants. Then he wins the 40 Yards of Gold title.

Well there’s only one place that needs to know about Goodwin’s title win, and that’s the folks at EA Sports. Goodwin has recently asked for his Madden rating to be improved given that he smoked Donte Jackson on Saturday.

In Madden 19, Goodwin is rated 84 overall. A modest score. His speed is at 96 and his agility is at 91. The reason why things are in the low 80s is because of his paltry strength score, which he has a 42 of.

So really, the only change that needs made is Goodwin’s strength should jump up into the 90s. While the overall score isn’t a total average, it’s darn close. Putting Goodwin’s strength at around 85 should be enough to put him as a 90 overall ranking.

The 49ers need some more Madden scores overall. Madden’s rubber band nature has higher ranked teams winning by ridiculous disasters like fumbling out of nowhere or intercepting a pass that the receiver clearly caught. If the 49ers could get their overall ranking as a team up, it would sure make our attempts at going 19-0 in the game much easier.