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Kevin Seifert has Nick Bosa as a rookie that will be a star for five-plus years

A pass rusher that dominates for five years? My how the tables can turn.

It’s still hard to believe the San Francisco 49ers managed to get Nick Bosa. This is considered by many draft pundits the best player in the 2019 NFL Draft and the 49ers didn’t have to be at No. 1 to get there.

Now it’s just a matter of if things can pan out. They haven’t had much luck with first-round picks. Mike McGlinchey did well at right tackle, but Solomon Thomas still has a big (and understandable given his horrible 2018) question mark while Reuben Foster isn’t even on the team anymore.

For now, soak in the love. Bosa gets even more help his rookie season playing on a line that has Dee Ford and DeForest Buckner as well. When you think of those pieces and Bosa’s pedigree (and how good his brother is doing) he’s set to have a career on his first snap in the NFL.

ESPN ran a post where their analysts named one rookie who will be a star for five-plus years, and NFL writer Kevin Seifert has Bosa as his player:

Pre-draft discussion about his political leanings masked what is largely a perfect football résumé. His ability to change a game via the pass rush or run defense will make him a star in a big market.

If Bosa came to a sub-par defensive line, he’d have a good chance of transforming it, the fact he’s coming to this overhauled, no we’re not [site decorum] around anymore, overhauled defensive line, has him set up for instant success. Of course, he could flame out and be a bust, but we won’t consider that possibility just yet.

If Solomon Thomas can turn things around and get those double teams on the interior, Bosa will be feasting on the quarterback all season long. Five times in a row.